Bocuse d’Or winner aims to open 1,000 fast-food salmon restaurants


Pink Fish targets Asia after opening eight restaurants in Norway.

“It is not important if we open 400, 800 or 1,200 restaurants. Our goal is to create a worldwide known fast food chain, and the potential is much higher than 1,000 restaurants,” said CEO Ronny Gjose to Nettavisen. Gjose is teaming up with in Bocuse d’Or winner Geir Skeie.

Geir Skeie (from left) and Ronny Gjose. PHOTO: Pink Fish

According to Gjose, the company will invest seven million Euro, with more to come. With eight restaurants already up and running in Norway, two new restaurants in Singapore will January 2019.

And Asia is a main target, due to the popularity of Norwegian salmon.

“Asia and China are the most interesting markets. The potential is huge with so many people, and lots of large cities with upper middle class,” said Gjose, adding he believes there is a lack of access to fast casual seafood in the market.

However, Pink Fish is not alone. In March it was known that Marine Harvest plans to open 2,000 purely salmon restaurants in Taiwan and China.