Heavy price drop in market in holiday mode


Third week in a row with price drop.

The first July salmon is being sold at a discount relative to the price level that has characterized the salmon market throughout the second quarter.

“There have been falling prices all week. 3-4 kg is sold at 90 kroner (EUR 8.7) in Oslo. We expect a further decline in the time ahead. That it is down 5-6 kroner (EUR 0.5-0.6), that is for sure,” says a buyer to SalmonBusiness.


Every Friday after lunch, SalmonBusiness reports spot prices for salmon - fish to be delivered the following week. We contact several links in the value chain, including farmers, exporters and importers, and always have at least five independent sources, although not all sources are necessarily displayed. We vary the sources we use and do not use the same sources each time.

“90, 92 and 94 kroner (EUR 8.7, 8.9 and 9.1), for 3-6 kg,” he adds.

The weakening of prices is primarily due to subdued demand.

“The market is very quiet in the summer. The market outside [of Norway] is actually lower, but there is so little fish available that the free exporters have to pay the price to get the fish they need. The big ones [farmers] have fish, but they deliver in regular runs. So there are probably still low volumes,” he elaborates.

All industry sources SalmonBusiness has spoken to after lunch confirm falling prices.

“Yes, it fell this week. The market is not moving. Sharp fall to “start 90 level”, says one exporter.

“93, 95 and 97 kroner (EUR 9.0, 9.2 and 9.4) (for 3-6 kg), is realistic to be able to get,” says a fish farmer.

“But we also hear prices under it. It’s higher than we thought this morning. But we do not have to talk to the Poles. I guess the big ones, like Milarex and Suempol, are there,” he adds.

“For delivery (in France) on Monday; about EUR 9.3-9.5 for 3-4, 9.7-9.8 for 4-5, 10.3 for 5-6 and 10.8 for 6+,” says one importer.