Increased harvesting of salmon, but minor price movements towards next week


The price for the heaviest salmon are correcting down, but for the most traded weight classes there are no major changes to be traced.

“It’s going downhill. You understand where we’re heading,” said a fish importer to SalmonBusiness. “It started high and went straight down. A lot of fish will be harvested this weekend – everything that was not harvested during the week.”


Every Friday after lunch, SalmonBusiness report spot prices for salmon. These are fish to be delivered the following week. We contact several links in the value chain, including farmers, exporters and importers, and always have at least five independent sources, although not all sources are necessarily displayed. We vary the sources we use and do not use the same sources each time.

“But the weights are creeping up. There are much bigger fish coming now. The development will be that the larger sizes fall more than the smaller ones,” he predicted.

He describes the market as calm.

“And then you have the corona situation, with a new shutdown in France. We saw how it went last time. Less for Horeca and more for retail. Here in Russia, too, there is a lot of closure. There’s a new round coming.”

“This week there was a lot of bad weather which led to cancellations (of slaughter – editor’s note),” said an exporter. “Now there are better prospects. The fish must be taken up. There will be more fish. Everyone knows that.”

“And the air cargo market closes down next Wednesday. Korea does not accept airborne fish, and China takes little anyway. This means that 6+ (kg) must also enter Europe. And 6+ we paid 60 kroner last Friday. That was artificially high. Now it will go down to 50 kroner.”

“It is challenging,” said a buyer about the market.

“Last Friday, the big fish had prices in the NOK 60s, in a limited air cargo market. 6+ will come down to European prices – in the early 50s,” he said.

SalmonBusiness’ industrial sources refer to the following farmgate prices for the coming week:

  • 3-4 kg NOK 43-44 (EUR 3.9-4.0)
  • 4-5 kg NOK ​​45-46 (EUR 4.1-4.2)
  • 5-6 kg NOK 47-48 (EUR 4.3-4.4)
  • 6+ kg NOK 50-53 (EUR 4.6-4.9)