Minor price movements in nervous market


Omikron increases the risk in pre-Christmas shopping.

“The large [fish farmers – ed. note] say rising prices, but it has been hard to sell this week. I say stable,” said an exporter to SalmonBusiness about next week’s salmon price.

This means farmgate prices around EUR 5.8-6.0 per kilogram.


Every Friday after lunch, SalmonBusiness report spot prices for salmon. These are fish to be delivered the following week. We contact several links in the value chain, including farmers, exporters and importers, and always have at least five independent sources, although not all sources are necessarily displayed. We vary the sources we use and do not use the same sources each time.

“No major movements,” he said.

“It is at stable prices,” said another exporter.

“We have bought at 59 kroner (EUR 5.7) for 3-4 kg and 60 kroner (EUR 5.8) for 4+ kg. We thought it was going to start lower. The market has been slow this week,” he said, and added that it is nervous due to the corona situation.

“Lots of cancellations of pre-Christmas parties all over Europe. A wait-and-see attitude from the market. We have only bought a couple of hundred tons so far. We are far from finished,” he added.

“It is stable or a little up. It is difficult to see a clear direction, I believe,” said a third exporter, and signalled prices between NOK 59 and 62 (EUR 5.7-6.0) for the main industry sizes, between three and six kilos.

Others believe, and hope, in a price hike.

“Up, maybe a lot. I heard 64 kroner (EUR 6.2) an hour ago. But I have not sold anything,” said a fish farmer.

“But a minimum of 60 kroner (EUR 5.8). We can sell it at now – easy,” he said and added that he knows more in an hour.