New Managing Director appointed for North Atlantic Seafood Forum


André Akseis appointed and will join organisation in November.

In a press release, the North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) writes that experienced seafood player André Akseis has been appointed Managing Director for the seafood business conference for executives.

Current Managing Director Johan Kvalheim will, on December 1st, join the Norwegian Seafood Council as Director of Japan and Korea.

Akse has a broad and varied experience in the Norwegian seafood industry and held several leading positions within the industry. Among them, Director of France for the Norwegian Seafood Council in the ’90s, Hydro Seafood in Bergen, Seagarden, Vikenco, Pan Fish Norway as plant manager at Eggesbøneset and as General Manager for Baader Norway.

He has worked on projects and strategies for companies such as Marine Harvest, Atlantic Cod Farms, Optimar and various investment companies. Over the past year, he has been involved in introducing Stora Enso’s EcoFishBox concept in Norway and France.

“André looks forward to leading the world’s largest Seafood Business conference into the digital age and making the conference even more accessible to delegates, supporters, and sponsors around the world. The NASF conference was this year held with great success in March, just before the world shut down due to Covid-19. Due to the uncertainty linked to the ongoing pandemic, the new Managing Director will run a digital edition of the 16th North Atlantic Seafood Forum from 9thto 11th of March 2021,” wrote NASF.

Chairman of the board of NASF, Henning Lund said: “The board is pleased with the nomination of Andre Akse to this exciting position as Managing Director and looks forward to working with him to further develop the conference”.