Price hike triggered by reduced harvesting


Close to EUR 5/kg next week.

“A small increase. It looks like that,” said an exporter about next week’s salmon price. “There are many contracts around five euros in the market.”


Every Friday after lunch, SalmonBusiness report spot prices for salmon. These are fish to be delivered the following week. We contact several links in the value chain, including farmers, exporters and importers, and always have at least five independent sources, although not all sources are necessarily displayed. We vary the sources we use and do not use the same sources each time.

“We, small exporters, are doomed to lose. The big ones have enough fish, enough fish for the whole market really,” he said and pointed to a flat price for fish over three kilograms – at NOK 50 (EUR 4.9).

50 kroner on average is then also what a number of exporters said to SalmonBusiness after lunch on Friday.

This means an increase of a EUR 0.4/kg from last Friday. In terms of a seasonal pattern, the salmon price usually rises towards the end of February.

“Over 50 kroner. Not more than 55 kroner. 52 kroner? We believe in that, but it’s a little early yet. There are less fish for sale, so it can go higher,” said a trader.

“50 kroner?” asked an importer, before he himself answered: “I do not know. That’s what they say, but it’s lower. They sell a lot of volume to Poland at lower prices. In any case, it is nothing more than 50 kroner. The big fish is lower.”

“What is special is that the integrated companies totally dominates. This means that prices are lower than what exporters say. These are the same prices as the previous peak that we had two weeks ago,” he added.